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15. June 2011 16:07
by Jake Rutski

Scammers phishing by phone now?!?!?

15. June 2011 16:07 by Jake Rutski | 1 Comments

I just got a call from 620-450-4497 which came up as Pratt, KS. It was some cheap recording stating that "My debit card has been lost or stolen. Press 1 to reactivate" Being that I just love hearing all the latest scams, I eagerly pressed 1 to "find out more about my debit card". I was then prompted to "press 1 to continue or 2 to exit"- 1 was pressed again of coarse. I was then prompted for my 16 digit card number. I tried a few times to generate a fake card number, but with no luck- it is clearly checking the card numbers.

At that point I gave up and hung up. When calling the number back, you get the scammer's voice mail box - you can try your luck to guess a mailbox number and password, but good luck.

Good to know that the phishing scammers have resorted to calling you with automated dialers that sound like they are from the 80's. Sure I knew this was a scam, but would my parents? I hope so...

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Just got the same call.  Apparently they are still in business. Funny stuff!

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