Samsung Galaxy S2 AT&T Official ICS – What’s New

Here I’ll try to keep a running log of things I’ve found to be new or different on the official AT&T ICS update to the Galaxy S2. Let’s get started:

  • Lock screen looks a bit different
  • General font used is different, better looking
  • >Pattern unlock – pattern can be hidden
  • Hold power button: now offers going to airplane mode
  • Hold power button: when changing to sound on or off, there is a warning window you have to click ‘OK’ (somewhat annoying)
  • GMail interface – completely different look and feel
  • Power saving widget takes up 8 icon slots instead of 4
  • More Google Play integration – Play books, Play Music, Play Movies
  • Several other new apps\widgets built in (not AT&T crapware)
  • *Taking a screenshot is completely different: Press and hold the power and volume down buttons for about 2 seconds
  • Screen rotations seems to be more fluid
  • Icons for cellular network strength and network are different
  • A few new smooth transitions and fade in\out when navigating between different screens
  • Does not seem to get stuck in the wake\sleep transition bug AKA 30% battery by 4:00PM (still testing…we’ll see)

I’ll add to this list as I come across anything else.

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