Comcast Xfinity Fastest In Home WiFi?!?

Comcast has been touting a new “feature” to try to keep up with Verizon FiOS – it is all over radio ads and TV commercials…they have ‘The fastest In-Home WiFi’! Way to go, Comcast – let’s make a bogus claim, not back it up and confuse customers while you’re at it! First let’s compare the most common Internet speeds from both providers:

  • Comcast: 50Mbps down, 10Mbps up – $75 per month
  • FiOS: 50Mbps down, 20Mbps up – $75 per month; includes digital voice phone service

So Comcast falls behind there. Next lets address the WiFi claim as noted here:

Clearly, the Comcast gear has a maximum data rate around 150Mbps, while the Verizon data rate maxes out around 85Mbps. So for the 50Mbps down that most Comcast customers are using, the ‘Fastest in-home WiFi’ is getting you…..absolutely nothing. Well – you can move files between computers on your network faster on Comcast…but if you’re doing that, you probably know enough to use your own wireless access point


It also doesn’t help that the fastest speed tier from Comcast (~300Mbps) is not available in all areas. And if you have that, none of the above wireless gateways will do you any good.

It should also be noted that any 10/100 adapters will limit that 300Mbps speed – so my point: If you are going to buy (need) a speed tier that exceeds 100Mbps, you’re likely smart enough to use your own gear.


Thanks, but no thanks, Comcast. I’ll stick with my FiOS fiber-to-the-house connection.

3 thoughts on “Comcast Xfinity Fastest In Home WiFi?!?”

  1. Another convenient overlook is that the graph Comcast provides neglects to graph the Verizon FiOS MI424WR RevI (Model 3) N router.

  2. wifi isn't even a service lol anyone can go get own router
    also they use peoples rented modem/routers as wifi hotspot without them even knowing

    I hate comcast so much everything is lie or misleading they truly are the worst company
    What they need to do is stop with the countless commercials and invest in true fiber optic

  3. At least Comcast delivers the speed they sell. I'm paying Centurylink $46 per month for 0.5Mbps. (Yeah, 1.5 nominal, 0.5 actual throughput.) To add insult to injury, they're offering new customers in other areas up to 40Mbps for $30 per month. I'll be moving soon to an area where real high speed internet is available and you betcha I'll take the Comcast 50Mbps over the Centurylink 20Mbps. (Not every home has FIOS.) According to, Comcast Denver – 45.74Mbps, Centurylink Denver – 15.78Mbps. Of course I'll bring my own DOCSIS 3.0 modem and AlmondPlus router (1.3Gbps WiFi).


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