Dealing with Citrix StoreFront on IE7

Ok so the title is a little bit misleading…because the StoreFront logon won’t even render on anything less than IE8. And sure, you’re thinking “Who still has IE7?” Or IE6 for that matter?? There are some really old XPe thin clients out there that have 7Mb of free space on them…ask me how I know.

Now to the misleading part: We’re actually going to cheat a bit and use a WI site – since WI is still supported with XA\XD 7.x, this is perfectly supported. So here’s what you’ll need:

  • A WI 5.4 server (or two for LB) already configured
  • Assuming you’ve already got your SF server pair, also already configured
  • A NetScaler (not CAGEE) – and all you need is NS Standard
  • A few IP addresses
First, configure all WI servers and SF servers as services. Next, configure them as load balancing servers – you’ll need two here: one for load balanced WI (can be just one if you wish) and one for load balanced SF. Also, these load balanced vServers can be non-addressable if you are strapped for IP addresses. 
Then, configure a content switching vServer – set the Default LB to be the StoreFront LB. Create a CS policy to detect when IE7 or earlier clients are accessing the site:

Who knew there were so many OLD versions of IE out there?? Assign this policy to the WI load balanced vServer and that’s it!

Now, when you access the web receiver, if you’re browser isn’t up to snuff for StoreFront, you’ll be redirected to a Web Interface 5.4 site.

Next steps: Get rid of those old clients!

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