FreeNAS Build Project: Part 3

This post is slightly out of order – I’ll do part 2 with all specs, hardware, and pictures shortly. For now here’s some brief preliminary findings – the configuration:

  • 4 mirrors of 2 x 146GB SFF 10K RPM drives
  • ZIL housed on 1 mirror of 2 Intel 330 60GB SSD drives
  • DL380G6 with 30GB PC3-10600R RAM

ESX is connected to this via NFS (I know sync writes…that’s why the ZIL is on the SSDs). So in theory, the raw spindle performance should be something like 500 IOPS. Here’s a 75% write, 100% random IOmeter test:

While ~1100 IOPS isn’t great, for the spindle count it’s not bad. Plus, looking at the ARC hit\miss count, if more of the reads were cached, I am betting the performance would be better. I’ll likely add an SSD L2ARC and\or more RAM to the system. 

And here’s a 100% Read, 100% random test: (obviously this is all coming from ARC)


More details later.

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