Verizon FiOS Quantum

Thanks a lot, Verizon. Now I REALLY need to upgrade my network hardware. The new speed tiers from Verizon FiOS are pretty much amazing:

I currently have the 35/35 tier, which I don’t see here…I’m wondering if it will be bumped to the 50/25 tier? I’ve seen downloads at 5MBps (40Mbps) already, so maybe I’ll start seeing downloads hi 6.25MBps? Sweet.

Granted, I have been planning on upgrading the wireless access point for some time – it’s a fairly old B/G model, and several (if not all) wireless devices in the house are all capable of N. My biggest problem, though, is the firewall. I’m stuck at 100Mbps unless I go big with something like an ASA.

Here’s the scoop:

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