VMware vCenter Documentation Script Version 1.5

This is a minor release.

What’s new:

  • vCenter permissions and non-standard roles (admin, read-only, etc are built in and thus won’t output)
  • DRS rules and groups

Note: the above features are available only in HTML, Word, and export output formats; text is not included and will not be for any minor upcoming features. A major overhaul of the script output functionality is planned for 2.0 and new features outputting in text will be deferred until then.

Download the latest version here: CarlWebster.com

*Update 7-20-2015 – version 1.5.1 has replaced version 1.5. There were no functionality changes in this version, only some work to clean up the PowerCLI output to the console. 

My notes and the latest version is available here: http://blogs.serioustek.net/vcenter-documentation

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