Citrix Storefront 3.x Configuration Tool

Anyone that has deployed Citrix StoreFront in the past has likely needed to manually edit the web.config files for either customizations or advanced functionality that simply wasn’t available in the StoreFront GUI. In fact, Citrix has released a ‘StoreFront web GUI Assistant‘ that allows you to import then modify the web.config files – it was updated October 30, 2015 to support StoreFront 3, but it really didn’t support any of the more advanced features, and it does not support even basic web customization.

Enter the Citrix StoreFront Configurator


I wrote this tool to allow you to easily and programatically do three things:

  1. Modify common settings – same functionality in the StoreFront web GUI Assistant
  2. Create simple customizations – login messages, headers, footers
  3. Modify advanced functionality – app\desktop filtering, optimal gateway routing, multi-site configuration

The entire tool is written in PowerShell, so all you need is PoSH version 3 on your StoreFront server – remoting is not supported. So run the script (as administrator) from your StoreFront server, choose the Web Store you would like to modify, and select the ‘check to propagate‘ checkbox to initiate a cluster update.

Some Notes

  • *Note: this tool is not compatible with Citrix StoreFront 3.5 or later – the functionality has been moved into the GUI
  • To use the tool you need to select the Web Store to modify – not the Receiver Store. This may seem odd, but most of the customizations are to the Web Store web.config file. Once you select the Web Store, the Receiver Store that it is bound to will be populated in the tool
  • Any files that are modified are backed up to the directory that the script is running from prior to making the change(s)
  • Use caution if you Reset StoreFront! It does just that, and does not back up anything!
  • This tool was built mostly for customizing StoreFront 3.0, however much of the functionality existed in 2.5 and 2.6, so some of the items will be grayed out if the script is run on older versions
  • As some of you may already know, the TechPreview for the next version of StoreFront gets all of this functionality into the GUI and gets rid of the need for this script; but I will keep it around while folks still have older versions deployed

Enough Talk! I want this!

The latest version along with more notes and examples can be found here:

Have any questions, comments, or suggestions – send them my way!


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